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“Why does my box have GM on it and the part has another name on it?”  That’s a question we get and more often than not it’s from the most diehard brand loyal customers.  Every manufacture has them and every manufacture loves them!  They are the customer base that keeps the GM brand at the top and when they have a part that needs replacing, going to the local aftermarket parts store is not an option.  The thought of an aftermarket part being in their car or truck would be sacrilege.  So you can imagine the flare of anger when they buy a GM part for their Chevrolet and the box says GM and the part is stamped, cast or even labeled with a suppliers name and that doesn’t read GM.  No, the dealer likely hasn’t swapped out the GM part for a cheap aftermarket knock off.  What you’re seeing is GM has sub contracted out a design for a supplier to manufacture for them.  This is common practice for all auto manufacturers.  The best example I can provide for you is to drive to your local new car dealer and walk to the first new car you see and look at the tires.  They will not have Chevrolet stamped on the side.  Because GM contracted that out to a tire manufacture.  That tire was picked by an engineer for several reasons and that may be cost, road noise, or speed ratings.  Same with drive belts, batteries, glass, and this list goes on.  So when you open your box and see another name stamped or cast on the part, remember that it was built for GM with a design engineered by GM to specifically fit your vehicle. 

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